The last few days have been spent in the Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach area. Yesterday we went to check out a surf spot called Trestles, located about an hour south of LA. Trestles is said to be one of the most consistent spots in all of North America. Therefore, I’m very happy to report that it lived up to our expectations 🙂

Trestles consists of several peaks spread out along a long stretch of beach, namely Church, Middles, Lower, Upper, and Cotton. I went out in between Middles and Lower (Eivind gave Lower a go). It was only me and a couple of good fellows from Florida out there, the wind was calm, and fun size waves of about 2-4 feet kept rolling in on a pretty regular basis. The only partly gnarly part is that the bottom is made up of round rocks, and with only waist deep water some places, one shouldn’t ride the waves too close to the shore. But it turned out to be a great session, I was able to catch a decent number of waves, and had a blast out there. So, I put together another video. Chose the Norwegian band Donkeyboy to accompany the GoPro clips this time, a song called Silver Moon.

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