Ocean Beach II

Yep, still in Ocean Beach (OB). Found such good vibes here, so we decided to stick around for a while. One reason being the hostel we’re staying at, the Ocean Beach International Hostel. It has a great location, friendly staff, and we met a lot of good people here. The staff is also great at organizing events, such as yoga, bike rides, pub crawls, and bonfires on the beach. So if you’re ever going to OB, check out this colorful hostel:


In addition, every Wednesday it’s farmers market in the street right outside the hostel (Newport Ave) from 4pm – 8pm. Definitely worth a closer look, with tons of tasty food, clothes etc, and a homemade atmosphere to it.


So we’ve been hanging out in the OB neighbourhood, and been going to the beach for surfing, pretty much every day. The surf hasn’t been great, but all in all it’s been okay. The size has been good, in the range between 3 and 5 feet, but it’s been a little messy out there. Waves are closing out, and it can be pretty tricky to read where they will peak. On the upside, the crowd has been relatively small. It’s been good practice though, and every once in a while I’ve caught a nice one. Here’s the money shot 🙂

Surfing Ocean Beach 3

I’d like to add that there’s heaps of seaweed at OB, especially close to the shore. When you paddle out, it almost feels like you’re floating through a field of grass. Every paddlestroke you take you feel the seaweed with your hands. I got used to it pretty fast, it’s just part of the environment out there. Besides, it makes for a fun beard 😉

Magic Seaweed

Thought I’d wrap up this post with a few clips from the last days, so you can get a glimpse of the highlights.

I shot this final clip as I was heading back to shore after doing a sunset session. In surfing there’s a term called transport. That’s when you bodyboard on a wave back to shore. I was really lucky with this one, it took me all the way! So, saved me from having to paddle back to the beach 😉

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