Ocean Beach

The adventure continues, and we have moved on from Hawaii to California. Currently staying in Ocean Beach, San Diego. It’s a chill neighbourhood down by the beach.



What’s more, I’ve bought a new board. Well, not exactly new, more like second or third or maybe even tenth hand. The point being one can definitely tell it has been used, it’s a little banged up. But it’s still definitely surf-worthy. The dimensions are: 6’6 long, 20 3/4 wide, and 2 5/8 thick. The eager reader will notice that I’m gradually going down in size. If you remember the old board I traded off in Australia, it was 7’4, 22, and 2 3/4. It’s a sign of improvement that I can go down in size and still catch waves, as a bigger board is usually easier to get up on. I do feel like I picked up my game a couple of marks in Hawaii, so here’s to improvement, however slow it may be 😉


I feel like the dealer I bought it from, Coconut Pete’s, deserves a shoutout. The price for the board with fins, new pad, new leash, basecoat, and wax came to a total of $172,- That’s a pretty freaking fair price right there.

I’ve gone out with the board three times so far. All the sessions have been right down the road, at Ocean Beach. It’s been fairly small, like 3-4 feet, maybe 5 on a few occasions. The wind has been moderate, but it has been a little bumpy out there, and the interval between the swells has been a little short, so clean waves are hard to come by. Perhaps that’s why the crowd has been almost non-existent, which is a big plus. There are definitely fun waves coming through every now and then though.


As mentioned in my previous post, the Pacific ocean claimed my GoPro in Hawaii. Therefore I had to buy a new one, working with the GoPro is too much fun to cheap out on. Went for the GoPro 4 Silver Edition this time, an upgrade from my old 3 Black Edition. Today I took it out for the first time. Believe you me, I made sure that thing was SECURELY attached! The results are absolutely satisfying, it shoots crystal clear videos. Here are a couple of samples, the first one from a wave I caught right by the pier.

And here’s another one, had the pleasure of riding this wave a bit longer 🙂

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