Exploring Kauai

As forecasted, the surfing conditions have been very sweet on Kauai recently. In particular from Sunday-Wednesday, with the swell coming in from the north, and the wind turning to other directions. With the change of the wind, the temperature picked up a few degrees, making it rather pleasant out here (about 25 celsius during the day) 🙂 Here’s a map of the island that I found, so you can better follow the different locations I mention in this post.

Kauai map

We’ve had about 2-3 hours in the water every day lately, enjoying the good conditions up north in Hanalei bay. I definitely feel it in my back, core, and shoulders now! Surfing is quite a workout with all that paddling. Unfortunately I’ve got no video/ photos to show for, as I couldn’t attach my GoPro on the rental-board. It is in fact a GoPro-holder on the board, but the half-wit who put it on placed it way too far down, so I would surely have banged my head in the camera. And that would not have been good. So, sorry to disappoint peeps, but I’ll surely get the GoPro going again soon.

Instead, I can tempt you with a photo of Eivind cooking up a feast on the bbq by the pool in the resort where we live 🙂 The resort, located in Kapaa on the east coast, is a little bit beyond our budget, but cheap accomodation is hard to find on Kauai. However, the great bbq facilities partly make up for it, as we can eat in every day here.


Today, we explored the south and the west of Kauai a bit. We drove up to what is known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, the Waimea Canyon. A spectacular view awaited us with the tropical forested canyon half-way covered in fog and clouds.



We even spotted a few goats climbing the canyon walls! Amazingly nimble and sure-footed creatures.


We even drove all the way out to Polihale on the west coast. It’s a famous surfspot, but it’s well-known for superstrong rips and currents. We brought our boards in case though. However, it wasn’t a good day for us to go out there. It was too big and wild, and we could actually see the currents ripping through the ocean! And not a single surfer was out there. Better safe than sorry, but it’s nice scenery at Polihale, so definitely worth the drive.



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