The Sleeping Giant & Sunrise Shells

For the last couple of days the swell from the north has been rather strong, but so has the wind from the same direction… Result: Very messy conditions. Therefore, we’ve had to seek out alternative activities. Kauai island is nicknamed the Garden Island due to its lush rainforests and flourishing flora. In fact, the centre of the island is one of the wettest places on earth, with an annual average precipitation of 374 inches (881 cm). About half of the forest on the island remains intact, and as there are several peaks and mountains here, hiking the beautiful nature has become a popular activity. Norwegians never pass on a chance to do some hiking, so we decided to get up on a nearby peak called the Sleeping Giant.


The Sleeping Giant stands 1160 feet high (354 m), and the trail took us through some pretty dense forest.


The last part of the trail actually involves a small bit of climbing. Good way to get the pulse up! 🙂


The top offers a very nice view around the island. Alltogether it was a nice little hike of 2,5 hours.



Another recent happening worth blogging about, is related to a type of shell called Sunrise Shells. This is a type of shell that is only found by some of the Hawaiian islands and nowhere else in the world. The Sunrise Shells grow deep in the ocean (100 feet (30 m) and deeper), so divers go out in search for them. Sometimes the shells are washed ashore, so one can be lucky enough to find a Sunrise Shell laying on the beach. In the old days, only Hawaiian royalty were allowed to wear Sunrise Shells, as they were considered sacred.

It just so happened that I met a girl yesterday (yes, through Tinder 😉 ) who works as a juveller here on Kauai, specializing in shells. As a memory of her, she gave me nothing less than a Sunrise Shell. What an amazing gift. She drilled a hole in it and attached it to a necklace I have, it made a perfect combo. So thankful. And in case you wondered, that shell would sell for $200 (!).


According to the forecast, the wind is suppose to change direction tomorrow, with good-sized swell still coming in from the north. Fingers crossed for sweet conditions!

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