So we crossed the equator, and the international dateline, and are currently in Hawaii! Everyone here greets you with the phrase “Aloha”, which is Hawaiian for “love”, or “care”, but it can also mean “hi” or “good bye”. Quite a useful phrase 🙂 To be more precise about our Hawaiian location, we’re on the island of Kauai.


One of the top priorities here was to get our hands on some surfboards. We were initially planning on buying second hand boards, but as it turns out that those are hard to come by on this island, we decided to rent boards instead. Fortunately we were able to score a pretty good deal at Tamba Surf Company here on Kauai. The actual price for renting a board for the desired period (March 10th – 22nd) was $165 per board, but we got it for $125. Thank you Tamba! 🙂

I went for a board similar to the one I rented in New Zealand; 6-8 long, 21 wide, and 2 7/8 thick. It has kind of a narrow nose though, and it definitely feels a little more wiggly than my old board, but I’m starting to get used to it after a couple of sessions. It’s also faster than my old board, and of course should be easier to maneuver, as it’s smaller.


Today’s session took place up north on the island, at Hanalei bay. The surf was smaller than predicted, like 2-3 foot. And it was a little messy out there, even though the wind wasn’t all that strong today. But despite the conditions being pretty average, it was good to get some practice in on my new board. And the scenery is quite stunning. So as I was sitting out there on the board, waiting for the swell to pick up, I just enjoyed looking in at the amazing tropical rainforest. Could have been worse right. However, I must add that I thought Hawaii would be a little warmer! It’s barely 20 degrees celsius here, and a grim north wind actually makes it straight out dangerous to walk out the door without a sweater! Equator is right down the road, and this is what we get. What worries me more though, is the fact that this is what a Norwegian summer is often like. How then, will I ever make it through another winter in Norway! I might have to become a climate refugee 😉

Anyway, here’s Hanalei bay 🙂



We also rented a car as we need some wheels to get around on the island to the different spots. Went for a Ford Fiesta this time. Small, but all right. Fits us and the surfboards (barely!), so that’s all we need 🙂


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