Mountain biking

We’ve made our way to the town Rotorua, known to be a hotspot for heaps of fun activities. Today we tried out one of them: Mountain biking!

With about 140 km of slopes to mountain bike, Rotorua is recognized as one of the finest locations for this sport on the southern hemisphere. The area consists of hills and peaks covered in many different types of forest. This is because the area has been used as a testing ground to figure out which type of tree manages best in the New Zealand climate. Among the trees planted is actually the Californian redwood, which seems to be quite happy growing here. Already, it has reached impressive heights. But the tree that’s been the most successful, is actually pine. From the time of planting it only takes 40 years before it can be harvested.

We enjoyed nice weather as we pedalled through beautiful scenery, as here by a small creek, in which we even spotted a trout!

Taking a rest by a nice creek

As we progressed through the various slopes we were aiming for a peak about 600 m higher up than our starting point. Getting closer to the top my pulse was surely getting up, and I was starting to feel it in my legs. Such a good workout! For those of you unfamiliar with the language in the film below, that’s Norwegian. And no worries, it doesn’t contain any bad language 😉

Once on the top came the reward of racing back down again! What a kick in the pants! We only went down the intermediate slope, and that was plenty hectic for me as I haven’t really done much mountain biking at all. Venturing down the expert slope would not have ended well with the jumps they’ve got lined up in there.

Riding down is just about as much of a workout as going up. You need to be alert all the time, and eventually I was really feeling it good both in my legs and arms, especially my grip. So, as I was getting tired I didn’t pay enough attention to the slope, which causes incidents like this to occur…

Glad I caught it on film at least 😉 Guess I got too close to the edge, but no worries, I was fine, I barely drew blood. Fortunately that was the only crash I had in a little over three hours of riding around up there. Man, am I going to be sore tomorrow though!

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