Tindering around the world

Since Eivind had to go back to Norway for a couple of weeks, I decided to spend some more time in Melbourne. Having spent three weeks here during the holidays and the start of January, I’m starting to get to know the city, and I must admit I’ve really taken a liking on it. Melbourne has such a great atmosphere, it’s fairly clean and safe, and it’s easy to find your way around the city. It is known to have really changing weather though, but coming from Norway that’s something I’m used to. Here’s a photo from downtown this evening, clear blue skies today.


Another thing I’d like to mention is this app called Tinder. I’ve found that when travelling around the world, Tinder is a pretty freaking great way to meet cool chicks on the way. In fact, some of the most amazing girls I’ve met so far on this trip, has been through this app. Picking up girls in a bar the old way is not a completely lost art, but you can really filter out the ones you’d like to get to know better by Tindering. And of course, I’m not talking about using the app just for hooking up, I’ve spent heaps of quality time doing activities like going to the beach, enjoying delicious food together, going to the movies, visiting art galleries, and having good conversations. So I’m telling you, Tinder really works. If you’re travelling about and you want to get in touch with the cute locals, get on board with it. Greetings from Melbourne 🙂


Tomorrow evening I fly back to Sydney and will spend the night at the airport there, before continuing to Auckland on Thursday morning. New Zealand, here I come!

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