Parting with my surfboard

Since we’ve booked an around-the-world ticket through Star Alliance, different legs of the trip are operated by different airlines, all which have various policies when it comes to bringing a surfboard along. So far on the trip we’ve been fortunate to fly a lot with Singapore Airlines through Asia and to Australia, and they let us bring the surfboards for free! Without doubt the best airline ever!

However, for the remains of the trip we’ll be flying with Air New Zealand and United Airlines, who charge no less than $175 and $200 per flight for a surfboard. Therefore, bringing the surfboard I bought in Bali any further than Australia will become a very costly affair.

So, I really wanted to send my surfboard back to Norway. It’s a great memory of the trip, and is still fully functionable, even though it has become quite banged up as it has weathered half a year of surf and travel.

Therefore, I started doing research on who could send it from Sydney to Oslo for a reasonable price. I think I must have checked at least ten alternatives, everything from Airline Companies, Freight Companies, Movers, and the Post Office. The most expensive was an absurd $1600, and the cheapest I found was a sea transport for $450, and then the guy said I was lucky! Are you kidding me? My board is probably worth $150, I could buy a very decent second hand board for $450! I also tried to send it back with my friend Halvor who returned to Norway on Sunday. Due to overweight Etihad wanted $800 for that favour. Ridiculous.

This left me no choice, I had to sell or trade in my board. Took a walk around Bondi and checked in a few different stores, and ended up making a trade as the shop owner would give me a better deal in merchandise than cash. So I got a t-shirt, a pair of shades, and a small skateboard for my surfboard with fins (also a little damaged), leash, and boardbag.


Took my new board out through the Royal Botanical Gardens and down to the harbourfront, it’s a lot of fun to ride 🙂



When I get to New Zealand, Hawaii etc I’ll probably buy second hand boards and then sell them again as I go. I’ve got one more week here in Australia before flying to New Zealand. Eivind however has to go home to Norway for a couple of weeks now, due to disease in his family. Really hoping for the best! It’s going to be strange not seeing Eivind for a while, we’ve been together every day (except one) for the last 7 months. The plan is to meet up again in New Zealand.

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