Travelling up the east coast

After having spent nearly three fantastic weeks in and around Melbourne, it was time to travel up the east coast. Here’s the route we’ve been travelling along for the past week with our main stops marked off.

Roadtrip east coast

Canberra was all right, we had just a night there and checked out the nightlife a bit. Not too shabby at all. But the next stop was better, as I got to visit Angus, an Australian friend of mine. So we spent a couple of days at his place, and had such good times. Here’s Angus, cooking up a feast 🙂



Following Kiama we made a stop in Manly right north of Sydney. Pretty posh part of town, but that’s not really what attracted us. Manly beach on the other hand caught our attention, so we went for a session out there. Here’s Eivind inspecting the conditions an early morning.


Driving further north we had an overnight stop in Coffs Harbour. I can’t really report much from that stay as we were only there for the night. But the next day we went to this place called Angourie, which has an awesome rock pool! A great place to spend some time and keep the child in you alive. A bit of a kick in the pants to jump off that cliff 🙂


Now we’ve made our way up to Byron Bay. No wonder it’s a tourist hotspot, it’s beautiful up here. And as we’ve been going north we’ve really found the Australian summer, got temperatures above 30 degrees up here. And being able to surf in just boardshorts and a rashguard again is no hazzle either 😉


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