A walk through Melbourne

We’ve been holding the ground here in Melbourne until today, now we’re heading north in the direction of Kiama. There’s so much to see and do in Melbourne, and the city has a great vibe to it, so it was definitely worth spending some time here. Certain parts of Melbourne I would title as “hipster-paradise”. Not that I would classify myself as a hipster through and through, but I certainly appreciate some aspects of that subculture. One such area is Fitzroy, an old working-class area which is now shaped into a trendy neighbourhood, with lots of live music scenes, specialty shops, and groovy bars. There are even designated areas for murials and grafitti in the city (not only in Fitzroy), and some of the pieces are true works of art. Here are a few samples:






Another great thing about Melbourne is the vast amount of parks and green pockets throughout the city. Whoever planned out Melbourne has done a great job at breaking up the concrete jungle with areas of beautiful nature. One of the larger ones is the Royal Botanical Gardens, a lovely place to spend an afternoon.




Even found a statue of a hammer thrower in the park, called “the Pathfinder”. If the park wasn’t nice enough already, this really gives it a score of ten out of ten! Having thrown the hammer for a good fourteen years myself, I might find the statue a little more exciting than most people though πŸ˜‰


Finally, just to stir up your curiosity a bit, I’ll wrap up this post with the following picture… πŸ™‚


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