Visitors from the homeland

Happy new year! May 2015 be amazing for all of you, and bring heaps of peace and sunshine.

We celebrated new years eve here in Melbourne with dinner and drinks, jolly good times. A contribution to making it especially good is the fact that we’ve got another set of visitors here now! The two Norwegians who found their way all the way to Australia this time is Halvor and Svein. Among the many shenanigans we’ve been up to the last days is a trip to Jan Juc. Here we are posing on the beach; Svein, me, and Halvor.


Jan Juc Beach is a classic beachbreak. Sand all over the place and a great place for beginners when the conditions are moderate. We chose a day that was super warm to get out of the city, we’re talking 35 degrees celsius. What I’ve noticed about Melbourne so far is that the weather changes a lot. Sun, rain, wind – you can easily have it all in one day, coupled with pretty quick changes in temperature. Kind of reminds me of a Norwegian summer, although it’s generally a bit warmer here.

I’ll just wrap up this post with a picture from Jan Juc Beach and a little Go Pro action from out in the water 🙂


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