Rye’s beach

Our first session here in the state of Victoria took place at spot called Rye’s beach, a couple of hours out of Melbourne. We were actually planning on going to a different spot, Point Leo, but when we got there it was almost as flat as a pancake, despite the forecast that said it was suppose to be at least a couple of feet of surf. So we had to pull out our cell phones and do some more research there and then. After some driving back and forth to a few spots, we landed on Rye’s beach.


It was a nice day, not much wind at all, and a surprisingly small crowd for a weekend in the holidays, I thought. We did see some rocks here and there in the water, and the current was quite strong, always dragging us sideways towards a rocky area, so we played it a little easy, but it still was a lot of fun. Both Eivind and I had to take some breaks on the beach every now and then though. Easy to blame the current for wearing us out, but there’s no denying the fact that we haven’t surfed as much here in Australia as we did in the Philippines or Bali. Mostly because the conditions here have not been as good. Still, this was only our first session on the east coast, so there are several other spots here we plan to check out. Here are a few pics of me cruising along in the water and taking off the fins after the session 🙂

Surfing Ryes beach



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