Celebrating Christmas in Melbourne

Yesterday we moved out from a dingy hostel we’ve been at for the last few days, and into a nice apartment hotel downtown. The main reason for moving was that we needed good kitchen facilites, as we wanted to cook up a feast here for Christmas.

We had already been to a butcher and secured a 2 kg piece of full belly pork, the traditional Christmas meal in the area of Norway where we come from (the south-eastern part). Other important ingredients we bought were potatos, sauerkraut, and cranberry-jam. It’s actually suppose to be cowberry-jam, but as we didn’t find that we had to go for a substitute. One thing we couldn’t find though was lefse, which is somewhat similar to a tortilla, but definitely not the same. So we had to do without that this year. Oh well, we were still very keen on cooking the full belly pork to perfection. The fat on top of the pork is sliced into a cube-pattern, and is suppose to become crispy as chips if you do it right. And the meat is suppose to become juicy at the same time, of course. It’s supposedly not easy, as there’s always a continuous flow of information in Norway around Christmas about how to cook it right. So, I’m a little proud to report that the result came out absolutely perfect! Beginner’s luck, I guess 😉




Even though we ate until we nearly bursted yesterday, we still had enough for leftovers both for breakfast and dinner today. Yeah, 2 kg of pork is a lot for two persons, who would have guessed? 😉

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! 🙂


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