The start of a long roadtrip

The distance from Margaret River to Melbourne is 3.680 km. A distance that needs to be covered before Christmas. So we got started yesterday with the first leg being from Margaret River to the town of Denmark. The name Denmark is not related to the country though, but is named after a British naval surgeon (Alexander Denmark). Nevertheless, it’s a nice little town, and we found very good surfing there! So far the surfing conditions in Australia has been unimpressive, so it felt awesome to finally strike gold. Denmark offers a nice beachbreak and a quite long stretch with different peaks, and despite it being weekend it wasn’t crowded. Plus, we even saw a few dolphins out there! They were only there for some seconds and jumped around a bit, but what a treat it was. Didn’t get any pics of them unfortunately, so I’ll throw in a video of me in my new wetsuit instead 🙂



Today we continued our journey eastwards, with a drive from Denmark to the town of Esperance. So we’re on our way, even though we’re just getting started on the long way to Melbourne.

Rute Margaret River Denmark Esperance

The landscape has been shifting between forests, bush, and agricultural areas. It’s amazing to see such low density populated country. There’s a small town here and there, and a farm every now and then, but besides that it’s just miles and miles of wilderness. I’m excited about the rest of the journey to Melbourne, expecting the landscape to become even more remote and uninhabitated. It feels like we’re on a proper adventure 🙂



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