Touring Margaret River

On Saturday we packed up the cars and headed down to Margaret River, located 3 1/2 hours drive south of Perth. The southwest corner of Western Australia has heaps to offer, and we’ve digged into the selection over the past few days.

Margaret River is perhaps the finest wine district in Australia, so we decided to take a guided tour to a few of the about 200 wineries here. We got picked up at the resort at 10:15, so by lunchtime we had already visited two wineries. What a superb way to spend a Monday šŸ™‚


The guided tour was nice and informative, and the red line throughout the tour was the focus on organic growth, minimal chemical inputs, and even harvesting in accordance with the lunar phases. All based on the belief of production done in balance with nature.




And the results of the organic production came out mighty good, the day was a feast for the tastebuds! Apart from wineries we also visited a chocolate factory, a wine- and cheese estate, and a producer of olive oils and soaps, all with emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly production. Simply brilliant.




The roasted duck for lunch was also a real treat šŸ™‚


Another cherry of the region is the caves. Several limestone caves are found in the area, some of them are open to tourists. We visited one of the larger ones, Mammoth cave. For $22 you get a headset with an audio-tour through the cave. Quite educating to learn how these relatively young limestone formations (“only” two million years old) have been shaped into caves by streams of water. Furthermore, archeological excavations in the caves have revealed a few extinct Australian species, such as the giant kangaroo.



We also found a nice area to hike through. Starting out in a lush forest we made our way towards the beach, and back again. Once you start looking here in Western Australia, you find rather large areas of relatively unspoiled nature, peace and quiet.



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