Family visit

The last few days have been extraordinary awesome, my mom, dad, and brother came all the way from Norway to visit! Great to see them again, and we’ve been pretty busy with several activities.

Here are a few highlights:

The artgallery in Perth. A quite large exhibition of paintings and sculptures ranging from the early 1800s up to modern times. Free entrance, so a big thanks to the city of Perth for that.



Freemantle prison. Established in 1855 and closed as late as 1991, it’s a piece of modern history worth a visit. What made the tour through the prison absolutely outstanding, was due to the guide who had been employed as a warden from the 1970s until it closed. With great empathy and a fair bit of theatrical skill he told stories from his working life, and gave us a good impression of how life in Freemantle prison was like.


Rottnest island. When dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh discovered the island in 1696, he found the island to be populated by quokkas. Appearantly being a better explorer than a zoologist, Mr de Vlamingh named the island Rotte Nest (rat’s nest), as he mistaked the small marsupial for a rodent. Here’s a representative of the species, this one was really quite tame and enjoyed being scratched behind the ear.


The island itself is 19 square kilometers, and quite barren. Located 18 km west of Freemantle, it’s a ride with the ferry to get there. The ferry is expensive though, $85 + $10 for the surfboard, so make sure you pick a good day to go out there. We went out on a day with some clouds so it wasn’t too crowded, and found ourselves a nice little beach by the surfspot called Salmon Point. Salmon Point was a little gnarly. Powerful waves make it easy to get caught on the inside and to get washed over some shallow reef. When we first got out the swell was decent sized and we tried to stay on the shoulder to avoid the reef. But pretty soon the swell dropped and it didn’t break on the shoulder anymore. So it ended up as a short session and instead we got to spend more time on the beach with the family. Could have been worse 😉

Here’s Salmon Point.


My dad, Kjell Egil.


My mom, Aud Marit.


My brother, Morten.


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