Roadtrips and a bit of luck

Our Mazda is now insured (full coverage), so the car has been used several times for the purpose of going surfing. Here’s an early morning shot before heading off to the beach, the boards are neatly fitting on top.


So with pretty high expectations based on the forecast from pages like Magicseaweed we’ve set off to spots as far as an hour and a half north of Perth. We’ve been to Scarborough beach, Trigg point, Yanchep, Derrs, and Lancelin. With only one exception (Scarborough), the swell forecast has not been even close to right (unfortunately Scarborough was also completely blown out that day). The forecast sites keep telling us it’s like 3-6 foot swell, but when we get there it might be 2 feet, and the spot’s not working. So, a little bummed out about the surf here so far. We sometimes go in anyway though, just for the heck of it, and like here in Lancelin it was at least partly working.




Looking at the bright side of things though, being sent on a wild goose chase by Magicseaweed and its likeminded, we get to see a bit of this huge country. And we get to test out our car a bit, like here on this backroad on the way to Derrs. Good thing we’ve got 4WD!


We also made a stop at the Pinnacles situated in Nambung National Park. The Pinnacles are limestone formations scattered across a large area of desert, and make for quite a special sight.


Going to the Pinnacles had a catch though, as there’s like a quadrillion flies out there! I’ve never encountered a more annoying type of fly than here in Western Australia. It’s like they’re always trying to get into your mouth or ears, quite distracting! And with so many of them, there was no wonder one sat on the camera lens when we were trying to get pictures!


Going back from the Pinnacles towards the town of Lancelin, we had a bit of luck. We knew we were running low on fuel, and as the petrol-indicator went on about 30 km from town we realized it was going to be tight. About 4 km from town, the engine stopped. We were rolling down a hill as it happened, so we just kept on until the vehicle stopped. After a few attempts (and after turning off the air-condition, the radio etc), we were able to start it again. We drove on for a bit further, then the engine stopped again. By a strike of luck, we were able to restart once more, and drove another bit, before the engine died on us, this time for good most probably. We could actually see the petrol station coming up ahead, and luckily the road was going slightly downwards, so we literally rolled into the station with the engine off! Here’s a photo of a couple of happy campers in front of the Mazda, Eivind to the left and a German fellow named Franky on the right, who tagged along for the roadtrip. As a true German obsessed with quality control and routines, he was clearly shocked to find we didn’t bring a can of spare petrol! πŸ˜‰ So now we got a can containing 20-litres in the back πŸ™‚


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