Got our hands on a set of wheels

Well, the journey continues and has now brought us to the land down under, more specifically to Perth.


As part of the master plan we set out straight away looking for a car to buy. And after only a couple of days we now have our hands on a set of wheels! Despite our intention to look primarily for a stationwagon like a Holden Commodore or a Ford Falcon, we came across this Mazda Tribute that caught our eyes. It’s a 2002 model, and the mileage is close to 193.000 km, so should have plenty of laps in it still. The condition is supposedly good as it has been to numerous services initiated by its previous owner, a TV-producer from Finland. It has a 3 litre V6 petrol engine and 4WD, not to mention a rack on top of the roof which will be perfect for our surfboards. We were able to negotiate in a “new” set of tyres, but it turned out to be almost new tyres… The salesman called them 98 percenters, I’d say they’re more like 90 percent. Bridgestone though, so that counts for something, and they are a whole lot better than the old wheels. The pricetag for the car: $5.000 (Australian dollars). Then registration came in addition, that was $157, and we need to get insurance for it. Hopefully we didn’t get screwed over too bad… 😉 At least the owner of the hostel we’re staying at said we made a pretty good deal.

Here’s the autoshop we bought it at, Central Motor Company:


Here’s Eivind and the owner Allan getting at it with the paperwork:


And here’s the beauty parked in the driveway next to the hostel 🙂





4 thoughts on “Got our hands on a set of wheels

  1. Hei Kjetil! Gratulerer med “ny” bil! Litt av et kjøp. Ser veldig fin ut, og har også nok hester etter det jeg leser. Skal bli spennende å se bilen når vi kommer ned. Gleder oss stort til å se deg/dere.

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