Lunch with my coach & Singapore Sling

By coincidence, my track&field coach (Arild Busterud) happened to be in Singapore with his wife (Bjørg) while we’re here. So, we were able to coordinate lunch one day 🙂 This took place on the 55th floor of the Orchard Tower, quite spectacular view and the food was nonetheless spectacular. Tea smoked quail as an appetizer and a large chunk of Aussie beef as a main course was on the menu. It said something about the cattle beeing grass-fed for 300 days… Not sure what else you would feed cattle, but it sure made a tasty result 😉

I think Arild, as a thrower coach, was happy to see there was nothing wrong with my appetite, as I’ve actually lost six kilos since I left Norway in July (from 100 kg to 94 kg). I guess it’s a result of zero weight lifting (I’ve surely lost some musclemass), quite a bit of surfing (burned off some fat), and just in general having a higher level of activity than I do back in Norway, such as walking a lot more (burned off even more fat). Arild said he almost didn’t recognize me, but that could also be due to my new haircut 😉


Other activities in the past few days was a visit to Sentosa, an island right next to the island of Singapore packed with fun acivites and attractions such as Universal Studios and a zip-line park. We spent most of our time in the waterpark though, having a go at those waterslides! And we also spent some time on the beach, soaking up the sun.


We also paid a visit to the classy Raffles Hotel, and found our way to the bar looking for the famous original Singapore Sling. As you may know, Singapore Sling is a drink that you can buy all over the world, but it originates from Raffles around 1915, and the one that can be purchased here has a secret ingredient that the others around the world lacks. So it’s the real deal. And with a pricetag of USD 29 (including tax and service fee), it felt even more real 😉 A delicious drink & good atmosphere in the stylish bar.



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