Surfing & chilling in San Juan

For the past nine days we’ve been up here in San Juan in the county of La Union. It’s been a chill and good time in a quite sleepy town. Our days have pretty much looked like this:

  • Get up for breakfast
  • Surf
  • Shower
  • Have lunch
  • Chill
  • Either go for a second surf, a run along the beach, or just chill some more
  • Possibly a second shower
  • Eat dinner
  • Chill, maybe even read a book (!) 😉
  • Sleep

One of our favorite restaurants/ chill-out places has been the Flotsam & Jetsam, here with the chef (making fantastic pizza) posing for the camera.


Our biggest field-trip this week was to the nearby town of San Fernando to get some small supplies and some cash from an ATM. We rode what is known as a jeepney there. The jeepneys are everywhere up here! They are rebuilt and extended army-jeeps left by the Americans after World War II, that now make themselves useful as public transportation. No jeepney look the same, each and everyone are painted, decorated, and named in the most creative and splashing way. The fare for about a ten minute ride is ten peso, and the money is simply passed forward from passenger to passenger until it reaches the driver. Gotta love the casual style here! Here are a few samples:




The surf up here has been decent. A few days were too flat, one was too messy, but the rest have been all right. With water temperatures around 28 degrees centigrade, heaps of sunshine, not too big of a crowd (only a couple of days were crowded), and nice sandy beaches San Juan can surely be recommended. There are a few spots around here located close to each other, but we’ve been sticking to Sebay pretty much all the time. Even though the spot doesn’t offer very long rides as the waves break pretty close to the beach, and tend to close-out sometimes, they’re also not too powerful or fast, and make for good fun 🙂 It has definitely been a good place to practice on our surfing.


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