Exploring Siargao

We loaded up our crummy motorbikes with the boards and headed up north on the island of Siargao for a few days this week. The target was Burgos, a small town with good reputation for surfing. Getting there wasn’t that easy though, as we had to make a pretty big detour due to big boulders blocking our way on the intended road. Here’s a photo of the impassable terrain, Eivind’s assessing the situation together with a Spanish couple.


Eventually we got to Burgos, and found most rewarding surf up there. There were no other tourists in the water, only locals, who thankfully were friendly enough to share the waves with us. Burgos has soft reef, so getting out there without reef boots wasn’t an issue, and there are several breaks, creating fun waves for all levels of surfers. Here are a few photos. Yeah, I’ve invested in a GoPro now πŸ™‚


Burgos line up

Burgos surf

We also found good accommodation up close to Burgos, at Bollox Bar. It’s run by an English chap named Alan, and offers great food and fun times at a fair price. All the other guests were Aussies, and they didn’t fall short of their reputation as huge beer-fans! They’d get up around nine o’clock, and start the day with breakfast and you guessed it – beer! Then they’d be in the bar pretty much all day, maybe with an occasional swimming break in the ocean right in front every now and then. But they were still surprisingly good at playing pool by the time it was evening πŸ˜‰



On our way back south we made a stop at what is known as a rockpool. It’s located not too far from a town called Pilar. A rockpool is a place where the waves of the ocean wash over a shallow part of reef, and into a deeper pond. So the pond is sheltered from the waves, but still gets water-circulation from the ocean. I’m guessing the temperature in the pond must have been more than 30 degrees Celsius, this place is postcard-material.



Besides exploring the north of Siargao, we’ve also located a sweet surf spot about 40 minutes by motorbike from Turtle Camp in General Luna. It’s called Salvacion, and offers great waves especially on mid-tide, if the swell direction is right and the swell is big enough (needs to be about 3 feet to work). In Salvacion we’ve managed to escape the crowds of the spots closer to General Luna, and the drive there is nice. It takes us on a dirt road through the jungle, and we pass by a few villages where the kids are always waving and cheering, and wants to high-five us as we go by πŸ™‚ Eventually we get to a village by the ocean, were we rent a boat w/ captain to take us out to the spot for 100 peso per person (USD 2.20). Speaking of which, we’re heading up there this evening for the fourth time. Fingers crossed for good conditions and no crowd!



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