Crowded place

Here goes an update on the surfing here in Siargao. We’ve been sticking to two spots so far, for both we need a boat to get out there. So, what we do is that we load or boards on our motorbikes and drive down to the town called General Luna. On the harbor we’re almost always greeted by the same guy, he appears to be the self-appointed boss down there. I refer to him as the Admiral of General Luna 😉


The Admiral asks us where we want to go surfing, negotiates price (which usually ends up being between USD 4.40 – 6.60 per person depending on how far we want to go), and gets a hold of a boat and a driver. Here’s the typical kind of boat we go out with.

Siargao Båt

So we load up the boards and head out on the ocean.


One spot we’ve been to is called Cemetery (not sure how it got its name, not sure I want to ask). Cemetery is a reef-break located like a kilometer from land. I’ve never surfed a spot like that before, it feels really special to be surfing way out in the open ocean. On the first day we were there, the surfing was good but big, sets up to 6-8 feet were coming through. So, I stayed on the shoulder for the most part as there were some really good surfers in the line-up, but I was able to catch a couple of waves and some white water. The second time we went to Cemetery the current was so strong we could not get from the boat to the reef. We paddled for ten minutes straight, and only moved like seven meters. Impossible and strange, as we went on high tide both days.

Later we heard that Cemetery was getting even bigger, so we decided to check out a spot called Daku, also a reef-break. Apparently we’re not the only ones who’s been searching for a little smaller waves, as Daku has been super-crowded every time we’ve been there. Doesn’t matter if we’re there 05:30 in the morning or 17:30 in the evening, the place attracts a crowd. The only day we had the spot to ourselves (apart from a guy from Israel who was also out there), was a day with wind like 22 mph. Really choppy and not very good, but at least we escaped the crowd. This is what Daku looks like on a normal day, you can see the crowd in the background.


The obvious risk of a big crowd in the water is collisions, and I’ve seen some at Daku over the last days. The other downside is that there’s a lot of competition for the waves, and of course the few good surfers out there take most of them. Not so good for my learning curve, I need to focus more on my surfing, not constantly being concerned about navigating around people.

Therefore, we’ll probably ditch Daku tomorrow and try some other spot instead. We’ve also been playing with the idea of renting all the boats in the harbor so that no one else can get transport out there. Not sure that would make us very popular though… 😉

Thought I’d close up this post with a rare glimpse of me climbing for a coconut (and yes, I got one 🙂 There are definitely a lot of happy times to be found here on Siargao, even though the surf hasn’t been all that we hoped for so far.


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