Turtle Camp

Here we are, in the Philippines 🙂 More accurately, we’re on beautiful Siargao island, located south-east in the country. After a layover of one night in Manila, we flew here with Cebu Pacific. We’re staying at a place called Turtle Camp, a cozy little place situated just outside a small town called General Luna.


Turtle Camp is more like a homestay than a surfcamp like Balicamp or Brown Sugar Camp which we stayed at in Bali. There are no organized meals or surfing here, everyone just go whenever. However, coaching is available on request, maybe we’ll check that out eventually. Another noticeable difference between Bali and here, is that while Bali was crowded with Germans and Austrians, the French seemed to have really taken a like on Siargao. It could be a random occurrence of course, but if anyone’s missing from France, I reckon it’s a good chance you’ll find them here. But we’re definitely having a good time at the camp 🙂


We’ve also gotten our hands on some wheels. My moped has seen better times… It’s number of days on the roads of Siargao before going to “moped-heaven” are limited. For one thing the speedometer doesn’t work, nor the petrol indicator. And the kickstarter is awful, think I had to make twenty attempts one morning before the damn thing started. But hey, it has a boardrack and it’s pretty cheap, USD 6.50 per day. And it’s the first time I have a semiautomatic moped. That’s right, there’s no clutch, you just use a pedal to go between neutral and the four gears.



It’s a good idea to drive carefully on these things. First of all because of their condition, second because there are no helmets here. A third good reason is that the concept of insurance doesn’t exist (!) on Siargao, so if we crash our non-insured mopeds, we’ve got to pay for all repairs. Mechanical failure is something else though, we’re not paying for that, that’s for the actual owner to fix. So, if one of our mopeds break down in the middle of nowhere, we’re just going to have to double up on one, and go about like these two happy campers do 😉


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