Ever since we came to Japan, we’ve been paying close attention to the surf-forecast on Magicseaweed for several different spots, which unfortunately has shown pretty useless conditions so far. Therefore, we were pretty excited to see that it was suppose to be all right down in the Kochi-area for a couple of days this week. So, we hopped on the train from Tokyo and traveled for about nine hours (counting change of trains for a few of times), before arriving in the city of Kochi down south in Japan.



We decided to go for a spot called Monabe, a rivermouth about an hour away with the local train outside of Kochi city (take the train to Ioki station, then it’s about twenty minutes walk from there). The first day we went to Monabe it was somewhat working, with waves up to seven feet. They were breaking pretty close to the shore though, so riding for more than a couple of seconds was risky. And during our session, the conditions changed, and the waves were starting to close out. On the second day it was smaller, maybe around four feet at the most, and the spot didn’t really work then. Some waves were breaking, but they were crashing with the current from the river and became a mess, and it was only waist deep, even though we went at high tide. So, we ended up doing mostly paddling practice, and it was just nice to spend some time on the beach and in the water again. The water was really warm though, I’m guessing 27 degrees, so that was pleasant πŸ™‚ Here’s a photo from Monabe on the second day:


Today we went and saw the biggest attraction in Kochi, an old castle which has been really well kept over the years after being constructed in the early 1600s, very neat. It’s good that Japan has a lot else to offer when the surfing isn’t working. Boredom doesn’t exist! πŸ™‚



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