Uni reunion and day-trip to Hakone

This weekend I had the opportunity to meet up with a friend from uni in Australia, Yuki, who lives here in Tokyo. Yesterday, Eivind and I were invited over to Yuki and her husband’s home for dinner, a delicious set of home-made Japanese cuisine. We also got to meet Yuki’s friend and co-worker Hikari 🙂



Today, our excellent Japanese hosts took us on a day-trip to a popular recreation area named Hakone about an hour and a half by train outside Tokyo. Hakone is an area with high volcanic activity, which was clearly visible with steam erupting several places and sulfur-colored ground. We rode a cable-car with quite a view to the highest point accessible at an elevation of 1050 meters.IMG_1446



At the top, we got to eat eggs boiled in the hot spring. Fascinatingly, the eggs turn black when being cooked in the mineral-rich waters! Looks pretty far out, but it’s only the shell that changes color, the inside and the taste is like a normal egg. According to Japanese folklore, eating an egg boiled in the hot spring will add seven years to your life, so knowing that I might extend my year of travelling a bit 😉



We rounded off the day with a visit at the Hakone public bath, where we enjoyed soaking in the warm waters of the hot springs. Thanks for an excellent weekend guys! 🙂


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