Easy living in Kyoto

Travelling around the world and switching accommodation on a regular basis, led us to test out airbnb here in Kyoto. For those unfamiliar with airbnb, it’s an online site which functions as a facilitator for rental of accommodation between private parties. Japan can be pretty expensive when it comes to accommodation, so we found a very affordable place in northern Kyoto, with a rate of only 134 NOK per night (21 USD). The standard is simple and modest and looks like something out of the 60s I reckon, but it’s clean enough, quiet, has excellent WiFi, a washing machine, and a pretty nice common area. 

Here’s a photo from the hallway. Kind of reminds me of a prison, partly because of the metal doors.


Here’s one from our room, simple and modest, and we sleep on mats on the floor, Japanese style.


And finally, here’s one from the common area.


So we’ve booked five nights here. Besides checking out temples and shrines, we’ve gone to the other end of the scale and checked out the Kyoto-nightlife. It was top notch, and we ended up going to a karaoke bar with a Japanese crew we met in town. Good times! The Japanese really love karaoke, and the deal is that you get your own karaoke-room at the bar, and it seems you also get an unlimited supply of booze, so we ended up staying there until eight in the morning. Breakfast at McDonald’s made the night complete, before venturing back. 

We’ve also visited the oldest public bath in Kyoto, Funaoka Onsen, dating back over a hundred years. It’s still fully functioning, and people come there to rinse off, chill out, soak, shower, shave, and otherwise just for a good chat with the mates. Men and women have separate bathing areas, by the way.

Public bath Kyoto 

Finally, we’ve been walking around town quite a bit, one of our expeditions led us into the foothills right north of town. Found some nice paths and small roads that we followed to a small peak overlooking town. Doesn’t matter if we’re in a million-people city, Norwegians will always find a place to go hiking 🙂



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