Wow, Japan’s really something else! Having spent only a couple of days in Tokyo so far, I feel like I’ve got enough blog-material to write a novel. So, gotta emphasize on a few highlights on my long list of impressions. First, I must say, I’ve never felt so foreign anywhere as I do in Japan. Most of the signs are in Japanese, there are few other tourists to spot, and the amount of English that most people speak is limited.


Nevertheless, people are very welcoming and friendly, and we get by with just gesturing sometimes. The whole place seems so well organized though, ever since we’ve arrived at the airport I’ve gotten the sense that nearly everything here is put in system, and people are loyal to it. Just seeing how people walk on the same side of the sidewalk in one direction, and how you never see anyone walking across the street if there’s a red light. The average time of which we’ve been getting food in restaurants is record-breaking, it’s like we’re in a temple of efficiency! And yet the food is excellent.

Yesterday, we went sightseeing around the area of town where we live, Asakusa. Walked over to a large Buddhist temple named Sensoji, which attracted a large crowd of both tourists and believers.


After having walked around the temple for a while, we felt the need for some transportation. So, like true lazy European tourists, we hired a girl probably half my weight to pull us around town in a chariot (please don’t call Amnesty) 😉


She managed surprisingly well though, and provided excellent guiding at the same time. She dropped us off near the Tokyo Sky Tree, the worlds highest tower with a height of 634 meters ever since it was completed in 2012. Only had to wait for half an hour before we took the worlds fastest elevator up to the viewpoint at 350 meters. What a spectacular view, and we got to see how enormous Tokyo really is! Didn’t matter which direction you looked in, all you could see was the city.



Another thing we’ve learned so far, is how much the Japanese love their arcades, games, and cartoons. We stumbled upon this character-greeting outside the Sky Tree, and it’s not the kids who are trying to get hugs, it’s adults, and they’re all excited beyond belief! Pretty funny to watch 🙂


Also found our way to some arcades and cartoon-stores, where we could spot a highly dedicated crowd getting at it with the gaming.


Eventually I got caught up in the whole thing too, you’ll be seeing me in a spin-off of the Big Bang Theory pretty soon 😉


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