Brown Sugar Surfcamp

The last week here in Bali has been spent at a surfcamp named Brown Sugar located in Medewi, about two and a half hour drive west from Canggu. So, we’ve been surfing quite a bit, seven sessions in total. Still feel like I’m improving a little week by week, and I managed to catch some good waves at Medewi Point, Irons, and Rivermouth.



We also did a lot of other fun activities here at Brown Sugar. For instance, we had two barbeque-nights, such as the one pictured below hosted by the surf-coaches of the camp.


In addition, we went on a couple of field trips, such as one to a local food market. The supply of fruit there was pretty huge, and I discovered a tasty one called Jackfruit, which now is definitely on the podium of my favorite fruits.


Furthermore, we went snorkeling at a coral-reef out by an island. The reef was really well kept there, and made for a spectacular experience.




Tomorrow we leave for Japan, land of the rising sun, while the sun settles on our stay here in Bali. It’s been a wonderful time, I’ve seen and done so much, met so many great people, and I’m starting to get a decent grip on the surfing. Pleasure to meet you, Bali!


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