Decided it was time to create a post about the place where we’ve been spending most of our time here in Bali, namely Canggu. Canggu offers some great surfing as showed in earlier posts, and is in general becoming a highly popular destination for surfers, backpackers, artists, party-animals, and a wide variety of hipsters, creating a good, easy-going, and fun atmosphere.

However, there’s urbanization going on here at an incredible speed. Having spoken to people who’ve either been here before or are living here, they say that ten years ago, Canggu was nothing more than rice fields and a dirt road running through it. Tourists were a rare sight. Since then, there’s been an explosion of cafeterias, restaurants, stores , and hostels, so Canggu has become a crazy mix between countryside and urban areas scattered here and there. On one side of the road you’ll see cattle grazing or a rice field, in the middle of the road you might see a stray dog (there are lots of them here, most could surely need an appointment at the pet-doctor, poor creatures), and on the other side of the road you’ll see a booming shopping street lined up with Billabong and Quicksilver stores, restaurants and a lot of people. As a consequence of the urbanization, the surf spots are also starting to become over-crowded. At this pace, Canggu will soon become as crowded and touristy as Seminyak/ Kuta is today, as the city is simply eating its way into Canggu. I hope that Canggu will be able to keep some of it’s laid-back and chill identity as I’ve gotten to know it, although I doubt it’ll be able too. Probably have to go further west in the future for a similar experience, but these days, Canggu has been pretty awesome! 🙂

Some of the hotspots in Canggu are places like Deus, which offers the rare combination of a surf shop, a restaurant, a motorcycle store + garage, an art gallery, a barber shop, and a place for concerts & party. Talk about spreading the risk! Old Man’s cafe is also pretty popular with its happy hour from 5-6 pm every day, good food at a reasonable price, its concert-scene, and the close location to some sweet surf spots.  

Traditional Canggu

Modern CangguMan with trolley

Stray Dog

Crossing the road


Deus backyard

Old Man's Cafe

Old Man's

Batu Bolong

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