After staying at the Balicamp in Canggu we moved down to Seminyak, and ended up staying there for nine days at the Island Hotel (which is actually a hostel). The Island’s a pretty nice place, reasonable accommodation in a twelve-person dorm for 200.000 Indonesian Rupiah a night, including a light breakfast. Seminyak is part of the biggest city here in Bali, as it has grown together with three neighboring towns; Kuta, Denpasar, and Sanur. It’s pretty hectic down there, a lot of traffic, and it feels very touristy. For about every twenty meter you walk down the street, you’re going to receive an offer of either transportation, a massage (the girls are practically clinging to your arms), a necklace, a painting, or maybe a tattoo. It get’s old pretty fast. On the upside, Kuta-beach offers some good surfing, the nightlife is fun, and people (like everywhere else in Bali) are friendly and helpful. So it’s totally worth checking out, but we decided to move back up to Canggu again, due to the surfspots that we’re familiar with here and the chill atmosphere. Feels good to be back in the countryside (except for the mosquitoes, that is).

IMG_0943 IMG_0878 IMG_0881 IMG_0886 IMG_0888      

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