This morning we got up way early (04:45) to go surfing at a place called Balian, with one of the coaches we met at Balicamp. When we arrived we had breakfast, watched the beautiful scenery, and waited for the tide to get a little higher. Then it was time to give it a shot. Balian is not really a spot for beginners, more like intermediate, so it was good to bring a coach along. We got out there but the current was unusually strong. At one point we paddled for five minutes, but the line-up to the shore was still the exact same. We were getting nowhere! Later on, we made an effort to catch a couple of waves, but only got washed. Paddling back to the shore was also a workout, due to the current. So, all in all it was cool to check out a new and more quiet spot than the ones we’ve been to so far, and at least we got a lot of paddling exercise without breaking anything. 

IMG_0925 IMG_0931

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