Tangled up at Old Man’s

Went up to Old Man’s this morning, pretty good conditions but also pretty big waves, not to mention a big crowd. At the end of the session a massive set came in with waves up to 10 feet. We paddled hard to get outside them, and were lucky to make it past the first one (boards were flying left and right behind us), but we didn’t make it past the second one… Eivind and I both got washed, and apparently we were a little too close to each other, because when we surfaced, we realized that our leashes had tangled up together. Another wave broke in front of us, and we didn’t have time to untangle, so we weathered through another wash. Then another one, before we finally made it out of the impact zone and into the channel. The damage report showed that Eivind’s board took a pretty heavy beating, with a fin missing (!) and a couple of good-size dings. My board wasn’t hurt nearly as much, just a small ding on the tail. Luckily none of us got hit by the boards. So, we had to pay another visit to the board-doctor. He told us that it’s actually a pretty easy fix, and both should be good to go again by tomorrow afternoon. Got some valuable experience today.

IMG_5015 IMG_5017

4 thoughts on “Tangled up at Old Man’s

  1. Gratulerer med eget brett Kjetil! 🙂 Synd med hedelsen på tirsdag hvor både Eivind sitt brett og ditt måtte til reparasjon, men godt dere ikke kom til skade selv. Når uhellet først var ute var det jo bra at det gikk så greit å få satt dem i stand igjen! 🙂

    • Takk for det, gjevt med eget brett 🙂 Ja, saann kan det gaa, men heldigvis lot det seg reparere, og ikke ble det dyrt heller, saa vi var tilbake i vannet allerede dagen etter.

    • Hehe, yeah we also feared the worst! But it wasn’t as bad as it first seemed. The board-doctor fixed them up, it wasn’t very expensive, and we were back in the water the next day!

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