My first surfboard!

July 24th, 2014. The date when I purchased my very first surfboard! Pretty stoked now 🙂

I went for a 7 foot 2 inch board from Vision Surfboards out of Australia. 22 inch wide and 2 inch 3/4 thick. Should suit my level of skill, height, and my weight of 98 kg well (has plenty of volume). It’s hand-shaped and made of epoxy, making it both light and strong. Gotta be careful with it though, the hardness of the material means that it’s not very good at absorbing energy, so it dents easily. The price tag was 6 million Indonesian rupiah. That included fins from Shapers, leash, boardbag, and wax. Definitely a fair deal. Tomorrow morning I’ll get it wet for the first time, almost feel like some kind of ceremony and perhaps even a baptism at the beach is required ;-)))


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