The Balicamp

So, here we are, in Bali. We’re staying at a surfcamp called the Balicamp which is located close to Canggu Beach. Got a great impression of the camp so far. It’s operated by the friendliest locals imaginable, altough it’s owned by some Austrian fellow. So most of the guests are from either Austria, Germany or Switzerland. In fact, Eivind and I are the only guests here who don’t speak some variant of German as our native tongue. A good opportunity to brush up on my super-rusty German, but the Swiss accent throws me off in no time.

The camp however is rather small. I think we only count eight guests right now with the couple who arrived last night. The benefit of such a small group is the close guiding we will receive from the coaches, who number almost as many as the guests now! Training starts tomorrow morning – very excited to get started on that! Eivind and I couldn’t wait for Monday, so we had a couple of hours in the water today just playing and paddling around as a warm-up for what is yet to come.  

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